with Franciska Anna Hajdu (violin), Alon Sariel (lute) and Dávid Budai (viola da gamba)

PRISMA is an ensemble of four young musicians who get together to play the particularly expressive, wacky, and colourful music of the 16th and 17th century. The Göttinger Tageblatt states that "this truly vivid art of interpretation – together with technical perfection, beauty of sound and balance – brings the impression that every phrase is invented in the very moment."

In May 2015, PRISMA won 1st Prize at the International Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber Competition in Austria. Following this, they have been invited to give concerts at the Biber Festival in Vienna, the Reihe Historischer Musik der Händel-Festspiele Göttingen, and on air with the Westdeutscher Rundfunk and Ö1 – Österreichischer Rundfunk. In 2016 and 2017, they are accepted to be part of the programme "Emerging European Ensembles" (Centre Culturel d'Ambronay) with festival residencies in Riga, Ambronay, Bukarest and Pavia.

Music journalist Leszek Bernat wrote about the group's appearance at Ambronay "EEEmerging" Festival: "PRISMA enchanted the audience which was captivated by their musicality, perfect understanding between the musicians, art of ornamentation and the joy of making music together. No wonder this group won the Audience Price."

Watch more of PRISMA live in concert here.

PRISMA: Tarantella

Tarantella (Athanasius Kircher)

live in HU-Szombathely, 7/2017