GRAND TOUR – Baroque Road Trip

with the New Dutch Academy 

Arias and concertos by Vivaldi, Telemann, Händel, Van Wassenaer, feat. Elisabeth Champollion with Vivaldi's brilliant concerto per flautino RV 443

The new album from conductor and Baroque violist Simon Murphy and his award-winning Baroque orchestra from The Hague, The New Dutch Academy (NDA), is a celebration of the variety, vibrancy and vitality of the Baroque. 

With GRAND TOUR – Baroque Road Trip, the NDA takes audiences on an exciting musical journey across Baroque Europe, meeting legendary musical personalities in the glittering musical centres of the time – from Bach in Leipzig to Handel in London, from Vivaldi in Venice to Van Wassenaer in The Hague.

Listen to bits of it on our CD label Pentatone!


Official Making Of, 2016